Rachel is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition at TCU focusing on feminist rhetoric and research methods. Hiker. Former Oregonian. Reader.1 Articles

Sarah Einstein is a PhD Candidate at Ohio University in Creative Nonfiction. Her book, Mot: A Memoir was selected for the AWP Prize in CNF for 2014 and is forthcoming from the Univ. of Georgia Press. Her work has appeared in The Sun, Ninth Letter, and other journals & been awarded a Pushcart Prize.1 Articles

Ligia Mihut is Assistant Professor of English at Barry University. Her work explores transnational literacies, multilingualism, and emotion studies.

Cristen Fitzpatrick, M.A., is a PhD candidate in English at St. John's University, and her research interests are focused on Beat literature, digital humanities, and first-year composition. She is also an adjunct English instructor at St. Thomas Aquinas and Dominican colleges, where she teaches a variety of undergraduate literature and composition courses.1 Articles

Krysten is a doctoral candidate at the University of Rhode Island. She is currently completing an archival dissertation about The Dewey Laboratory School.1 Articles

Allison Hitt is a Ph.D. candidate in the Composition & Cultural Rhetoric program at Syracuse University. Her current work focuses on crafting more inclusive writing pedagogies that value non-normative literacies, rhetorical practices, & student bodies. She blogs about disability & accessibility at

Sonia C. Arellano is a Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English at the University of Arizona. Her dissertation tentatively titled “Quilting the Migrant Trail: Crafted Rhetorical Text(iles) and (Counter) Narratives” explores what lives are deemed grievable through the rhetorical contributions of quilt projects that memorialize migrant lives.

Chakrika is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests include intercultural communication, translingualism and pedagogy.

Jim Ridolfo is an assistant professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies at the University of Kentucky. His personal website is Articles

Johnathan McClintick is a masters student in WRAC program at Michigan State University; he also co-runs Birds Piled Loosely Press. His research interest include cultural rhetorics, pedagogy as activism, and online communities.1 Articles

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