Andrew Iliadis is a Doctoral Candidate (ABD) in the Communication and Philosophy program at Purdue University.

Jehrade McIntosh, current undergraduate student at Barry University.

Tim Lockridge is an Assistant Professor of English at Miami University (Ohio) and a senior editor of Computers and Composition Digital Press.2 Articles

Jessica is a doctoral student in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at NC State University. Her research interests include materialist media studies, critical/cultural studies, and the work of media theorist Friedrich Kittler. Her current work explores the intersections of automation of warfare, military media technologies, and governance. Additionally, Jessica is the CRDM Graduate Assistant to the NC State Libraries, working to explore and facilitate critical invention and production as new modes of scholarly practice.1 Articles

Sarah is an 11th grade English teacher at Oak Park High School, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Sarah has been teaching in the urban setting for 10 years and is a consultant for the Oakland Writing Project.1 Articles

Ben is a dwarf fortress player and LARP enthusiast who sometimes writes some things. He cares about diversity and fears institutions as if they were indifferent giants. He writes some things sometimes with Maury Brown at He believes in cultivating empathy.1 Articles

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