Jon is an interaction designer and design researcher from Norway. He is currently a visiting Fulbright scholar at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles, doing practice-based research on data visualization.

Ashanka Kumari is a doctoral fellow, student, and teacher in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville. Her research interests include multimodal composing and pedagogy, digital humanities, and the intersections among identity studies, popular culture, and social media.1 Articles

Alanna Frost teaches at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Lavinia Hirsu is Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Composition at the University North Carolina at Greensboro. Her research agenda brings together digital and cultural/global rhetorics, with a special emphasis on visual rhetoric.

Cristen Fitzpatrick, M.A., is a PhD candidate in English at St. John's University, and her research interests are focused on Beat literature, digital humanities, and first-year composition. She is also an adjunct English instructor at St. Thomas Aquinas and Dominican colleges, where she teaches a variety of undergraduate literature and composition courses.1 Articles

John leads the team behind, an app that offers everything you’ll need for your writing class, all in one friendly, easy-to-use place. He also teaches at the University of Georgia.

Steven Alvarez is an Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies at the University of Kentucky.

Jessica is a doctoral student in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at NC State University. Her research interests include materialist media studies, critical/cultural studies, and the work of media theorist Friedrich Kittler. Her current work explores the intersections of automation of warfare, military media technologies, and governance. Additionally, Jessica is the CRDM Graduate Assistant to the NC State Libraries, working to explore and facilitate critical invention and production as new modes of scholarly practice.1 Articles

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