Elizabeth Davis is the Coordinator of the Writing Certificate Program at the University of Georgia. She teaches and conducts research on writing for digital media and electronic portfolios.4 Articles

Sara West is an Assistant Professor of Professional and Technical Writing at San Jose State University.6 Articles

Whitney Lew James is a PhD candidate in rhetoric and composition at Texas Christian University with research interests in translingual pedagogy, digital rhetoric, and disability studies.8 Articles

Daniel is a PhD candidate in English at Old Dominion University, where his research interests are at the intersection of technology and rhetoric. He's especially interested in algorithms and rhetoric4 Articles

Jason Luther is Assistant Professor of Writing Arts at Rowan University. His work focuses on zines, self-publishing histories, DIY culture, and multimodal (counter)publics.4 Articles

Derek Mueller is associate professor and director of composition at Virginia Tech. His iPhone is probably set to Do Not Disturb.4 Articles

Amelia Chesley currently teaches technical communication as Assistant Professor at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. Her research interests include intellectual property, digital archives and public knowledge collections, online communities, and sonic rhetorics.3 Articles

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