Adrienne E. Raw is a PhD student in the Joint Program in English and Education at the University of Michigan. Her interests include fan studies, digital rhetoric, and composition pedagogy.6 Articles

Sara West is an Assistant Professor of Professional and Technical Writing at San Jose State University.6 Articles

Daniel is a PhD candidate in English at Old Dominion University, where his research interests are at the intersection of technology and rhetoric. He's especially interested in algorithms and rhetoric4 Articles

Crystal VanKooten is an Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at Oakland University in Rochester, MI, where she teaches courses in first-year composition and new media.3 Articles

Victor Del Hierro recently accepted a tenure track position at the University of Texas at El Paso where he will research and teach about Hip Hop, Technical Communication and Cultural Rhetorics.3 Articles

Derek Mueller is associate professor and director of composition at Virginia Tech. His iPhone is probably set to Do Not Disturb.4 Articles

I am Jialei Jiang, a current PhD student in Composition and Applied Linguistics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. My research areas of interest include digital rhetoric, new materialism, and multimodal pedagogy.3 Articles

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