Annotated Course Text Example 2


Citation: Reid, Alex. “Why Blog? Searching for writing on the web.” Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing 2 (2011): 302-36.

Author: JBR

Class Info/Tags: FYC, Digital Rhetoric, Hybrid Course

Abstract/Summary: An open-access, student facing text that discusses the blogging genre, the purpose of blogging, and provides examples of blogs that students might be familiar with.

Context of Use

We use this article to orient ourselves to the blogging genre before students start on their blog project that extends through the course. Typically, I will ask students to read this and then develop a list of genre conventions for blogging in a discussion board, but this also works as an in-person class discussion. We use the lists they create to develop a standard for their blogs. 

Instructor Reflection 

  • What do you like about this text? This is an accessible text for students to read to begin to understand blogs. They don’t often experience difficulty in understanding the content, and it tends to be helpful in orienting them to the blog project as most students come in with cursory understandings of blogging. 
  • What is difficult about this? However, this text is already dated, especially in regard to the examples it offers of other blogs. This requires a little more scaffolding in using the text and offers an opportunity for students to consider updated examples.

About Author

Jennifer Burke Reifman

Jennifer Burke Reifman is a 5th year Education Ph.D. Candidate at U.C. Davis with an emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies. Her research focuses on technology in the writing classroom, writing program administration, and student identity and agency. When she isn't being a graduate student and writing teacher, she spends most of her time playing with her 3-year old son, tending her backyard garden, or diving into a video game.