While this book could and should be read out of order, it is important to offer an overview of its progression or—barring any progress—a map of its various deterritorialized territories. I’ve collected the remainder of the pages into five nexūs. Each nexus connects a number of smaller arguments into a larger argument and will be indicated by a bracket on the linear trail at the bottom of the menu. The bracket just below the menu at the top of the screen will move as you scroll, indicating which dots on the linear path each nexus occupies.


Toward a Decentered Conceptualization of Comics investigates the seemingly obvious distinction between image and text across three fields (comics studies, art history, and philosophy) that each find this binary decidedly more complex than might be apparent.

Intricate Evasions of As articulates a theory of rhetoric as transgressive figuration described through a series of negations: nondiscursive, nonsymbolic, nonreflective.


Heterotopia proceeds through a series of deconstructed binaries, from Image|Text to [Figure]|Discourse through comics, literature, and philosophy.


Introductions offers instructions, overview, and background information, culminating in this signposting page.

Sachen Selbst! zooms in on prediscursive rhetoricality and its tension with traditional composition concepts like coherence and clarity.


Differend articulates the necessity of creating new idioms and investigates four theories of prediscursive rhetoric.


Comics, Differend, Synthesis is not a full nexus but a single page that acts as a conclusion, at least an exit, pulling together the various concepts invoked throughout the book into an incoherent, unclear differend to which we must bear witness.

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Toward A Decentered

Conceptualization of


Some Context