Author: Heidi McKee

Heidi A. McKee is the Roger and Joyce Howe Professor of Written Communication and an associate professor of English at Miami University. With James Porter, she co-wrote Professional Communication and Network Interaction: A Rhetorical, Ethical Approach (2017) and The Ethics of Internet Research: A Rhetorical, Case-Based Process (2009).

We think the field of rhetoric/writing needs to address—and quickly!—three current and rapidly expanding developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology: AI chatbots are now operating in the workplace. The students graduating from our writing majors need to be prepared to write for bot communications, becoming scriptwriters for bots and writing instructors for bots. Just peruse the job ads out there—Wade & Wendy seeks “A Chatbot Copywriter,” Conversable seeks a “Conversation Designer/Writer,”  iRobot Corporation seeks a “UX Writer.” We and our professional writing students need to know how to write for bots and how to teach bots to write, because it…

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