A Kid’s Eye View of Digital Rhetoric


For my first post on the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative blog, I figured that I should make a multimodal composition. So, I used the technology that we had available to interview my daughters about their thoughts related to “digital rhetoric.”


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    • Yes, I think that they pick up on these things quite quickly, faster than us, although we still have something to offer our digital natives… perspective.

      My thought is that our perspective is definitely worth something.

      Thanks for watching – my daughters will be thrilled to know that there is an audience.

  1. lol, like most of us and our students: kinda blank stares when we have to define something that we are immersed in constantly. I seem to be citing Richard Holeton a lot in these comments, but this piece reminds me of his chapter “How Much Is Too Much New Media for the NetGen”, in which he says (based on someone else’s work, whose name escapes me) that asking that question is liking asking how much is too much water for a fish. Hm.

    • Good point — I think that it would be difficult for them to breathe without their many gadgets!

      Also, I think that asking them how they use the tools in critical and creative ways becomes more important given the pervasive manner in which students/kids utilize them.

      If we, as parents and teachers, do not slow down long enough to ask them the kinds of questions that will lead to reflective thinking and thoughtful uses, then we are not doing our job of truly educating them.

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