Announcing the C&W Reviews, 2013 edition!


We are pleased and delighted to present the 2013 edition of the C&W Reviews.  Many thanks to our 15 reviewers and 3 editors, who wrote and reflected quickly and artfully to bring you this material.

Read about keynote addresses by Gee, King, and Stolley, who discuss digital writing as making across boundaries–making at times difficult and complex, but necessary and rewarding.  Browse reviews of individual sessions that focus on a range of topics related to computers and writing, including the intersection of race and the digital, MOOCs and their impact on our work, composing with aural and fan rhetorics, and evolving pedagogies for the 21st-century writing classroom.

And add your own voice to the conversation: please comment, link, tweet, share, and repost!  Let’s continue to collaborate, and discuss, extend, and refine the information and arguments presented this year in Frostburg.


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