Instructions for #cwcon 2014 Session Reviewers


Because a number of our existing and new readers (welcome, new readers!) signed up at Computers and Writing 2014 to be reviewers for conference sessions, and because I don’t want to miss anyone, I’m posting some quick instructions for review posters here.

Did you forget to sign up to write a review, but have good notes and memory from a session that stuck out to you? Send me an email to let me know if there’s a session you’re interested in writing about, and we’ll see what we can do to make you a C&W Reviewer, too.

For posters:

  1. Visit this Google Form to sign up for a guest contributor login for the DRC WordPress site. You might not get a confirmation right away — that’s ok! Give us a couple days and we’ll process your information and send you login credentials.
  2. Start drafting your post! Aim for about 750-1500 words (err on the side of short!) and feel free to incorporate images, tweets, audio, or visual components.
  3. Once you receive login information, go ahead and migrate your post over (or draft it entirely) in the DRC WordPress space.
  4. Let Merideth know (@mgarcia or if you need help migrating media or if you have any other composing questions.
  5. Save your draft as “ready for review” when you’re done.
  6. Let Merideth know when you’re done drafting. Someone from DRC will review your post and send feedback, and then give you a projected posting date and deadline.

Pretty easy, huh? Don’t hesitate to send any questions or concerns to the DRC Fellows ( or to Merideth (email above).

We look forward to reading your reviews, and hope you had a wonderful time at #cwcon 2014. We certainly did!


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