Author: Andrew Iliadis

Andrew Iliadis is a Doctoral Candidate (ABD) in the Communication and Philosophy program at Purdue University.

Panelists: Kevin Brock, University of South Carolina Ashley R. Kelly, Purdue University Annette Vee, University of Pittsburgh James J. Brown Jr., Rutgers University The three papers featured in this panel – Kevin Brock and Ashley R. Kelly’s “Rhetorical Genres in Code”, Annette Vee’s “What Happens to Rhetoric When Code is Law?”, and James J. Brown Jr.’s “Rhetorical Dissection and Tinkering in the R-CADE” – each examined a specific modality of digital rhetoric while seeking to engage code at various levels of abstraction. The focus of the panel seemed to congeal around the idea that code itself can be persuasive in…

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