Author: Alex Hanson

Alex Hanson is a doctoral candidate in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric at Syracuse University where her research focuses on the experiences of single moms in higher education. Her writing has appeared in Composition Studies, Xchanges, Writers: Craft & Context, and The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics.

Presenters: Rachael Sullivan (Saint Joseph’s University), Sean Milligan (Wayne State University), Kristi McDuffie (University of Illinois), and Melissa Ames (Eastern Illinois University) The panel “How and Why Digital Rhetoric Matters” provided attendees with the opportunity to think through the ways in which digital rhetoric is used as a tool to express and circulate political ideas. While each presentation focused on a different facet of digital rhetoric—memes, a cartoon, and hashtags—together, they all asked thoughtful questions about the ways in which these means of expression can have harmful or helpful intentions. Rachael Sullivan, “Misogyny by Design: The Visual Ethics of Political…

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