Author: Allison Hitt

Allison Hitt is a Ph.D. candidate in the Composition & Cultural Rhetoric program at Syracuse University. Her current work focuses on crafting more inclusive writing pedagogies that value non-normative literacies, rhetorical practices, & student bodies. She blogs about disability & accessibility at

Review by Allison Hitt You can access a video of this keynote here: You can access other materials (e.g., slides, bibliography, full-text PDF of the keynote) here: Merideth Garcia created a Storify of articles on trigger warning, which has been archived as links and text at the bottom of this post as of March 5th, 2017. May 21: An article comes across my Facebook newsfeed attempting to address the recent string of near-belligerent arguments for/against trigger warnings. I think of the moment when—in a disability-themed comp class I was teaching—a student shared a video clip from Law & Order:…

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