Author: Ashley M. Beardsley

Ashley Beardsley is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Writing Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Her research focuses on food and cookbooks as multimodal, collaboratively written community texts.

Presenters: Elizabeth Chamberlain, James Ottoson, Rochelle (Shelley) Rodrigo, Teresa (Reese) Davis During “Multimodal Composing Practices,” two questions about multimodal composing practices remained central: What prevents instructors and graduate students from assigning and producing multimodal compositions? And how should multimodal compositions be assessed? Elizabeth Chamberlain and James Ottoson—“Professors Who Just a Few Months Ago Seemed All-Knowing”: Digital and Multimodal Preparedness among Faculty and Graduate Students in the COVID-19 Era  Overview As the title of this presentation might suggest, Chamberlain and Ottoson considered the abrupt move to online instruction and how it impacted faculty and students as they navigated the digital classroom…

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