Author: Amanda May

Amanda is a third year PhD Candidate at Florida State University. When she isn't working on her dissertation about writing centers and social media, she's likely knitting or playing video games, both with the "help" of her cat.

Presenters: Merideth Garcia (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse), Anna Knutson (East Tennessee State University), and Aubrey Schiavone (University of Denver) Respondent: Stacey Pigg (North Carolina State University) This panel explored how students engage with social media in academic, professional, and personal contexts. In addition to looking across these different contexts, each presenter discussed students with different academic and professional experiences, with a focus on high school students who had entered college (Garcia), first-generation college students in the workplace (Schiavone), and feminist college students (Knutson). The respondent, Stacey Pigg, provided connections she saw between these three presentations. As someone who uses social…

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