Author: Amanda Sladek

Amanda Sladek is an Assistant Professor of English and Composition Coordinator at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Her research focuses on multiliteracies and language rights in First-Year Comp and Basic Writing.

Presenters: Marcela Hebbard (The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley), Catrina Mitchum (University of Arizona), Janine Morris (Nova Southeastern University) The presenters began by noting that, despite many institutions offering an increasing number of online courses and the growing body of research on online writing instruction (OWI), student success rates in online courses continue to be lower than in face-to-face classes. While this undoubtedly has several interrelated causes, the presenters suggest learning about students’ backgrounds, expectations, and beliefs about writing to build online courses that celebrate their strengths, support them in developing their weak points, and set them up for…

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