Author: Brandie Bohney

Brandie Bohney is a PhD student in the Rhetoric and Writing program at Bowling Green State University. Her research interests include secondary English teacher education in writing pedagogy, language and dialect difference in the composition classroom, and inductive or discovery learning.

Presenters: Micah Savaglio (Temple University) and Tran Tran (Temple University) Chair: Eli Goldblatt (Temple University) Savaglio and Tran develop this session as a means of pushing the potential of code-meshing forward in terms of inclusion through digital means. Much of code-meshing scholarship, they correctly argue, has focused on dialect and language difference and how racial and ethnic identities are affected by the privileging of middle-class white mainstream English dialects in the classroom. Physical disabilities that require different codes—Braille and sign language, for example—are generally omitted from conversations of classroom practices that include code-meshing. Although their presentation primarily focuses on how…

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