Author: Ben Harley

Ben Harley is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages, Literature, and Communication Studies at Northern State University. He studies how sound helps the field of rhetoric and composition to rethink the risks of public writing.

C&W19 Review of F.11: “Sound and Mediascapes” Presenters: Stan Harrison and Jen Ware Though initially scheduled for three speakers—Stan Harrison, Michelle Davidson, and Jen Ware—“Sound and Mediascapes” ended up featuring presentations from only Harrison and Ware. The former presenter argued that composition lacks a conceptual framework for discussing soundwriting, while the latter presenter provided frameworks for creating more dynamic and inclusive transcripts for sonic projects. Harrison started the panel with an extemporaneous presentation in which he claimed that composition, as a discipline, lacks a conceptual framework for discussing soundwriting. While he acknowledged the field’s history of soundwriting scholarship—specifically mentioning Cheryl…

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