Author: Brittany Capps

Brittany Capps is a PhD candidate in Composition and Rhetoric at the University of South Carolina. She is interested in composition pedagogy and meeting students' immediate, academic, and post-graduate needs in the First-Year Writing classroom.

Presenters: Rachael Sullivan (St. Joseph’s University), Kristin Princ (Cal Poly Pomona), Matt Breece (UT Austin), and Megan McIntyre *One of the scheduled presenters was unable to attend. Rachael Sullivan, “Flatten the (Learning) Curve: Strategies for Addressing Technical Difficulty in Multimodal Assignments” Rachael Sullivan discusses the importance of responding compassionately to students’ technical problems in the multimodal classroom. Especially recently, she explains, students are experiencing extreme digital fatigue which may cause them to seek help and ask more technical questions than they might normally. By shaming our students and acting as if their questions are below us, though, we risk making…

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