Author: Charlotte Asmuth

Charlotte Asmuth is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville. Their dissertation explores how modes and standards of assessment transform as they move and are mobilized by different institutional and other entities.

Presenters: Sarah Young (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Charles Woods (Illinois State University) In this session, presenters explore students’ attitudes toward––and expectations for––privacy in online writing instruction (OWI). Sarah Young, “Student/User Privacy Expectations and the Online Classroom?” In her talk, Sarah Young imagines her students as not just learners, but also users who have certain expectations about how technology will or will not be used in their online courses. The possibility of events like Zoombombing in online meetings indicates that, as Young puts it, “the disconnect between privacy expectations and privacy realities can result in privacy crises” that disrupt students’ experiences…

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