Author: Chad Iwertz

I'm a PhD student in rhetoric and composition at Ohio State University, where I study the intersections of composition, disability, and digital media. I enjoy happy hour, Deaf slam poetry, and -- on Fridays -- can usually be found playing the ukulele.

The Conference on College Composition and Communication recognizes that disabled people “have been oppressed and continue to be relegated to the margins.” As part of its Policy on Disability, Cs affirms that it strives to go “beyond the minimum standards” to “acknowledge the right of full inclusion for all members of society.” But even so, access can be complicated and full inclusion, elusive. The disability and rhetoric listserv was abuzz in March when scholars attending Cs discovered that CART, the service they depend on for access to the conference, would be changing from previous years. CART (which stands for Communication Access Realtime…

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