Author: Dakoda Smith

Dakoda is a PhD student at the University of Louisville and formerly taught composition at Oklahoma State University and developmental writing at Oklahoma City Community College. He currently volunteers as a researcher for Church Clarity (

Presenters: Christina Puntasecca Luiggi (Wright State University), Rick Wysocki @rickwysocki (University of Louisville), Caleb Pendygraft @rcalebp (Miami University of Ohio), and Michael Baumann @dr_michael_b (Marian University & University of Louisville) Part of this year’s Watson conference theme asked scholars to consider how our work matters to the world and how it materializes in the world. The first two presenters of the G.10 session responded to this call by looking outward, analyzing the treatment of queer bodies and queer material artifacts in institutional and digital spaces. The next two presenters responded by looking inward at theoretical concepts and pedagogical practices, challenging our…

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