Author: Daniel Frank

Dan Frank is a PhD candidate at Clemson University. His research is in digital literacies, constructionist composition, and games studies.

Presenters Anthony Stagliano, New Mexico State University Bree McGregor, George Mason University Rachael Lussos, George Mason University Steve Holmes, George Mason University Review The panel “Critical Writing as Emergent Techne” worked with both criticality and technology, showing how both critical discourse and hands-on, constructive practices could reinforce each other in the college writing classroom. Anthony Stagliano opened the session with a paper that situated “critical making” as a position that works to avoid both the “Scylla” of self-destructive or naval-gazing skepticism/criticality and the “Charybdis” of an over-excited indulgence in technology in the classroom simply for the sake of technology. The…

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