Author: Emma Lee Guthrie

Emma Lee Guthrie, a doctoral student in Bowling Green State University's Rhetoric and Writing program, is interested in arts-based pedagogies and research methods, digital rhetorics-- especially writing for social networking sites, writing transfer, and imposter phenomenon.

Reviewed by Emma Lee Guthrie Throughout their extremely engaging individual presentations that made up this panel, Sands, Blair, and Reid explored publishing and editing in academia. Sands began the panel by discussing results from zero textbook writing courses or open education resource (OER) courses at Mesa Community College. Next, Blair used the lens of technofeminism to advocate for further mentoring and increased value placed on digital publications. To conclude this panel, Reid discussed politics and change in two important journals: Computers and Composition, and the Journal of Basic Writing. “Assessing Equity and Access in Zero Textbook Cost Writing Courses at…

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