Author: Margaret Bertucci Hamper

Margaret Bertucci Hamper is a PhD candidate in composition and rhetoric and Assistant Director of the intermediate writing program at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Her research focuses on the intersections of literacy, race, and class.

Carmen Kynard, Associate Professor of English at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, gave her fabulous keynote, “‘Pretty for a Black Girl’: AfroDigital Black Feminisms and the Critical Context of ‘Mobile Black Sociality,’” at the Thomas R. Watson conference at the University of Louisville on Thursday morning, October 20th. Kynard began her talk with a brief, but vivid summary of her article of the same name. The article centers on a young woman named Andrene who created “a dope website/ePortfolio” called “Pretty for a Black Girl” (pictured below). Andrene’s website uses space, color, sound, images, links, and language to critique the color…

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