Author: Heather Buzbee

Heather Buzbee is a 3rd year PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at University of South Carolina. Her research interests include feminism, women and gender studies, historiography, classical rhetoric, and humor studies.

Speakers: Daniel Frank (Clemson University), Eric Hamilton (Clemson University), and David Measel (Clemson University) Chair/Performer: Steven Katz (Clemson University) In “Laughter, Play, and Song” Daniel Frank, Eric Hamilton, and David Measel from Clemson University offer explorations of multimodality as strategies for composition pedagogy. This panel asks how do we conceptualize performance in rhetoric and composition, and how do we consider performance in light of the technology and digital competence today? Daniel Frank Daniel Frank opens the panel with the potential of performance in a digital, professional world. Frank proposes that performance holds particular possibilities for embodied knowledge that can push…

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