Author: Jacob Craig

I am an Assistant Professor of English at College of Charleston where I teach classes in rhetoric and composition. My research focuses on digital rhetoric and writing with special focuses in multimodality and materiality: particularly, the interactions between writers, their pasts, places, and technologies.

As many scholars have observed, mobile and networked devices have made it necessary to rearticulate a range of writing concepts including the relationship between place and process (Pigg); usability and access (Porter); the boundary between extracurricular and curricular writing (Fishman and Yancey; Mueller); and even the rhetorical situation itself (Walker et al. 329). Although these are just a sample of calls for the reconsideration of what it means to write in a mobile and networked society, the breadth of these calls suggest that the texts produced in and for mobile devices have had far-reaching effects on how readers and writers…

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