Author: Janine Butler

Janine Butler is a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication program at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC and her specializations are accessibility, multimodality, and embodiment. Her dissertation advocates for the integration of captions and subtitles into the space of the videos we create in different academic and professional contexts.

Take a look at the next installment in our Digital Lesson Plan series! In this post, Janine Butler shares an assignment that asks students to revise persuasive essays into multimodal compositions, such as Prezis or websites.  Janine writes that this process enables students to explore “different modes and media to identify the most productive means of persuading their audience.” To learn more about this assignment, check out the lesson plan below.   Brief Overview of Assignment: Students revise their original persuasive argument essays into multimodal compositions and consider the different affordances of alphabetic and multiple modes when attempting to persuade their audiences in accessible ways. Students explore…

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