Author: Jeff and Natalie

Jeff Martin is the Curriculum Developer for Subtext and was formerly a senior ELA & Social Studies Instructional Facilitator with Johns Hopkins School of Education. He's passionate about developing highly engaging and rigorous curriculum into Subtext in a way that will empower teachers. Natalie Rios is the Community Manager for Subtext and spends all of her time helping and engaging with Subtext's amazing community of educators.

Over the past several years, we at Subtext have talked to and observed teachers in schools at all different stages of technology integration. While some teachers have class sets of iPads or Chromebooks, others have only a few classroom computers, or access to a school computer lab. Despite these differences, we would submit a simple principle that helps teachers be successful in their efforts: When literacy instruction goes digital across the curriculum, reading can be transformed as it becomes more impactful, engaging, and effective for students. Here, we’ll share what this looks like when technology extends 6 tried-and-true reading practices,…

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