Author: Johnathan McClintick

Johnathan McClintick is a masters student in WRAC program at Michigan State University; he also co-runs Birds Piled Loosely Press. His research interest include cultural rhetorics, pedagogy as activism, and online communities.

Presenters: Brooke Chambers, Michigan State University Courtney Danforth, College of Southern Nevada Harley Ferris, University of Findlay Review: Brooke Chambers has just made a bold move in her presentation at C&W. During her presentation on “embodied listening” she shares a reviewer’s assessment of her panel’s presentation, noting how the reviewer called into question the point behind her presentation. The reviewer states, “Studies have shown that culturally, leaving these pauses in, especially frequent vocal pauses, can make audiences feel that the speaker might be less intelligent than they really are…” Chambers points out the sentence and says, “This is exactly the…

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