Author: Jennifer Juszkiewicz

Jennifer is on the English faculty and Director of the Writing Center at Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, Ind. She is also a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University - Bloomington, specializing in spatial and digital rhetoric, composition theory, and WAC/WID institutional history.

Defending the Digital There is a noticeable dystopic strand in digital rhetoric scholarship – a sense that we have a responsibility to extend rhetorical analysis into the digital because we need to find out what’s really happening, to discover how our world is being undermined or overtaken. This is even more pronounced in popular media, where headlines such as “Don’t Believe the Algorithm” and “If an Algorithm Wrote This, How Would You Even Know?” stoke popular fears about robot overlords emerging from parthenogenetic, mysteriously mathematical creation cycles. Rhetorical scholarship rarely becomes so fearmongering, but it also tends to take on…

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