Author: Jared Jameson

Jared Jameson is a composition instructor and doctoral student at Clemson University in the interdisciplinary Rhetoric, Communication, and Information Design program. His current research centers on the intersections between rhetorical theory, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence.

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) systems like ChatGPT frequently generate falsehoods, but ChatGPT maintains that “I cannot lie” since “I don’t have personal beliefs, intentions, or consciousness.”1 ChatGPT’s assertion echoes the anti-anthropomorphic views of experts like Shanahan (2023) who warns, “It is a serious mistake to unreflectingly apply to AI systems the same intuitions that we deploy in our dealings with each other” (p. 1). Shanahan understandably discourages “imputing to [AI systems] capacities they lack” when Anthropomorphizing AI risks vulnerable users developing false senses of attachment (Deshpande et al., 2023) and traditional interpersonal relationships being degraded by increased human-computer interaction (Babushkina…

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