Author: Kayla A. Sparks

Kayla is a 3rd year PhD student and Graduate Instructor in Rhetoric and Composition at Texas Christian University. She is interested in social justice, posthuman rhetorics, cultural rhetorics, and rescue dogs.

Presenters: Rich Shivener (University of Cincinnati), Cynthia Johnson (Miami University), Zarah Moeggenberg (Utah State University), and Dustin Edwards (University of Central Florida) The panel, while coalesced around digital rhetorics, was themed around the entanglements of bodies, sensations, and actions with digital and physical materiality. The ideas of entanglement, especially the inextricability of physical affects/effects and digital production, rhetoric, and composition are the through line of the four presentations. I’ll admit when I first read the titles and saw the progression from web-text composing practices to rhetorical ecocriticism about the anthropocene, I could not clearly see how the panel cohered. However, the…

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