Author: Lavinia Hirsu

Lavinia Hirsu is Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Composition at the University North Carolina at Greensboro. Her research agenda brings together digital and cultural/global rhetorics, with a special emphasis on visual rhetoric.

In 2011, I was very excited to read Bruce Horner, Min-Zhan Lu, Jacqueline Jones Royster, and John Trimbur’s article on translingualism. A translingual approach recognizes that all language users can achieve their goals through a variety of linguistic means. This framework undermines monolingualist expectations and it values all potential discursive resources (305). Our students can build on their knowledge and language practices. They can mix, play with, and create powerful forms of connecting with others in local and global contexts. While the article emphasizes the role of linguistic resources, a translingual approach should not isolate language from all other forms…

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