Author: Jonathan Lee

Jonathan is the self-proclaimed Leeviathan, the Eastwestern Spiral, and a jack-of-all-trades that seeks to become a gaming doctor. He currently attends Cal State L.A. as a master's student, a Teaching Associate, Co-Editor of Statement Magazine, and Creative Director of Significations. He is defined by his supportive family, brilliant friends, and outstanding teachers, and he will always be grateful to them.

It comes as little surprise that I, having grown up with video games, or rather, on video games, ended up pursuing a specialization in digital rhetoric. Indeed, my master’s culminating project emphasizes various ways video games function as digital texts that simulate social experiences with situated meaning-making and elaborate rhetorical strategies. However, as a Teaching Associate, I scarcely have opportunities to deploy the theories and techniques I study. Luckily, my supervising professors allowed me to carve a small space in my College Composition class to pedagogically experiment with gaming. Our first course unit focused on how social and cultural cues…

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