Author: Ashanka Kumari

Ashanka Kumari is a doctoral fellow, student, and teacher in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville. Her research interests include multimodal composing and pedagogy, digital humanities, and the intersections among identity studies, popular culture, and social media.

In May, at the 2016 Digital Media and Composition Institute at The Ohio State University, we (participants) were each tasked with creating a Concept in 60 video. This video needed to explore a concept of literacy, composing, or multimodality and be exactly 60 seconds—no more, no less—including the title screen and credits. Because I have done the “Concept in 60” project in the past at my home institution (University of Louisville), I wanted to challenge myself with my DMAC 2016 approach by creating three specific rhetorical constraints for myself, which I go into further detail about in the earlier rendition of…

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