Author: Marit MacArthur

Marit MacArthur teaches in the University Writing Program at the University of California, Davis, where she is also Associate Director of Writing Across the Curriculum - Graduate Level, and a Faculty Affiliate in Performance Studies.

Hundreds of think pieces have predicted “The End of Writing” in 2023, thanks to the arrival of generative AI chatbots. Before the digital ink began to dry, the cautionary tales began to roll in. Notable among them: a lawyer asked ChatGPT to write a legal brief in support of his client’s spat with an airline. He filed the brief, failing to notice that the chatbot invented and confidently cited imaginary cases. Ha, ha. So we still need human editors. So far, so funny. Once we’ve heard 100 more such tales, should we conclude: Ho hum?Um—No. Definitely not.The recent warning statement…

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