Author: Mark W. Shealy

Mark is a PhD student in Technical Communication & Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. He teaches online and traditional classes in composition and literature for Gulf Coast State College. His research and scholarly interests include online education, writing program administration, sexual harassment, digital embodiment, material rhetoric, and Fourth-Wave Feminism. Mark also works in SEO and social media for an internet marketing firm.

by Mark W. Shealy Academic publishing is quickly evolving beyond traditional double-blind peer review conventions toward more open-review and open-access publishing sensitive to institutional changes in higher education (Abeles, 2012). New forms of peer review and mass authorship form part of a changing publishing environment (Laquintano, 2010) and encourage new technological forms such as Networked Participatory Scholarship (Veletsianos & Kimmons, 2012). This current producing of texts through nonhierarchical means presages radically different definitions of academic books and articles (Perakakis, 2013). Hands-on practice¬†such as academic search engine optimization (ASEO) to prepare scholarly articles for academic search engines and Google Scholar is…

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