Author: Matt Gomes

Matt Gomes is a PhD student at Michigan State, where his research focuses on writing assessment and the rhetorics of institutional practice. Currently, he is studying how writing assessments interact with institutional rhetorics, and the material consequences for students in light of a changing landscape of American postsecondary education system.

by Matt Gomes, Michigan State University Panelists Laura Gonzales, Michigan State University Maria Novotny, Michigan State University Katie Manthey, Michigan State University Overview This panel consisted of three graduate students from the PhD program in Rhetoric and Writing at Michigan State University, Laura Gonzales, Maria Novotny, and Katie Manthey, whose work converged on the common theme of how their lived experiences and physical bodies have played a role in the development of their academic interests and identities, focusing in particular on how their lives and research interests interact with their positions as graduate students. In this sense, their bodies act…

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