Author: Casey Miles

Casey received her PhD in Rhetoric & Writing from Michigan State. She studies queer, digital, and cultural rhetorics, specifically queer videomaking.

Panelists Kristin Arola, Washington State University Lucy Johnson, Washington State University Zarah Moeggenberg, Washington State University Review In A1: [Dis]Embodied Kairotic Composing: Snapchat, Indigenous Networks, and Queer Digital Migratory Analysis, presenters shared ideas from their ongoing research projects around social media practices and identity. Individually, each panelist contextualized an interest in their respective social media projects through their own identities. Collectively, this panel explored embodiment as a site of knowledge in digital spaces. In the first presentation, Lucy Johnson (@Mqtjuiced) shared results from a small study on the use of emoji in Snapchat. Invoking the work of Lisa Lebduska on…

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