Author: Janine Morris

Janine Morris is an Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University. She studies digital reading, multimodal and digital composing practices, and gender theory.

Presenters Kristin Ravel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Allegra W. Smith, Purdue University Kristin Prins, Cal Poly Pomona Review Speaking to a full classroom following Thursday morning’s keynotes, the three presenters on “A.3: Mobilizing Digital Feminist Rhetorical Theory and Practice” raised important questions about resistance, reflexivity and reframing our thinking about feminist practices in technological spaces. Adhering to Bawarshi’s call earlier that morning to catalog #WatsCon16, Allegra’s Storify recap of the panel archives the audience’s Twitter discussion as it unfolded and amplifies the themes of self-care, reflection, and rhetorical listening that were apparent throughout the panel’s presentations and discussion. (As of 2/2/2018…

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