Author: Nancy Henaku

Nancy Henaku holds a PhD in Rhetoric, Theory and Culture from Michigan Technological University. Her research is situated at the intersection of rhetoric, politics and culture (broadly defined) with particular interest in the transnational resonance of Global Southern rhetorics.

The coronavirus pandemic is, as Blommaert (2020) indicates, “a textbook example of globalization processes.” Debates on globalization’s essence, its systemic inequalities and its future in a post-pandemic world abound (Fontaine, 2020; Friedman, 2020; Frum 2020). However, a dimension of globalization that has become even more glaring and should interest rhetoricians, cultural theorists and digital humanists is circulation. Besides the transnational circulation of SARS-CoV-2 resulting in efforts to restrict intra/international flow of people and goods, there is also the circulation of new discursive forms related to the pandemic (see Blommaert, 2020). Most importantly, in the face of stay-at-home protocols, life has…

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