Author: Omar Sosa-Tzec

Ph.D. student in Informatics (concentration: Human-Computer Interaction). Passionate of visual design and communication, colors, and flavors. I try to make a connection between information design and rhetoric in order to define the relation between "the visual" and persuasion in user interfaces.

My research tries to connect the design of user interfaces, information design and rhetoric. For this reason, the Indiana Digital Rhetoric Symposium represented a good opportunity for me to learn more about the meaning and implications of technology, not only in the way that we communicate, but also in how we shape our “symbolic” world. During the symposium, I discovered an interesting perspective about data and interactions with computer systems, complementary to the discourse in Informatics. In this post, the sketchnotes that I took during the symposium are presented. In the middle of them, there are also notes on the…

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