Author: Sarah Bramblett

Interested in the rhetoric of the eighteenth and nineteenth century and emotional connections to writing, Sarah Bramblett is a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric and Composition program at Georgia State University.

Universities are grappling with a mental health crisis that is not disconnected from digital developments (Degges-White and Borzumato-Gainey 239). Acknowledging mental health in digital communities can lead to greater potential for healthy activism. The Center for Collegiate Mental Health studied the change in the mental health of college students over the last decade. The average need and enrollment in counseling services on campuses grew at least five times faster than the average enrollment in colleges (Locke 3). In 2010, 23.8% of students seriously considered attempting suicide; in 2015, the percentage was up to 32.9% (Locke 5). Bell, Barclay, and Stoltz…

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