Author: Sarbagya Kafle

Sarbagya Kafle is a fourth year PhD candidate at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. His areas of interests include transnational rhetorical circulation, digital rhetoric, composition, folklore, and American literature.

Session J.07: Online Social Movements [Saturday, 8:00-9:15am, Feb. 18, 2023, CCCC Chicago] The panel J.07 Online Social Movement at CCCC 2023 in Chicago looked closely at social media as a platform for activism. As announced in the panel description, attendees (I was one of them) expected “to learn how to resist social media’s algorithmic biases in online social movements, to teach students to analyze online social action movements, and to analyze the profitability of divisiveness in media.” The panel was set up to have two presenters: John Dunn and Heather Lang. Unfortunately, Lang couldn’t make it to the panel. Nevertheless,…

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