Author: Sara Kelm

Sara Kelm is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition at Texas Christian University.

Presenters: Brenta Blevins (University of Mary Washington), Christine Martorana (Florida International University), and John R. Gallagher (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) In the eclectic Watson 2018 panel “Digital Futures: Media, Twitter, and Digital Afterlives,” presenters discussed composing practices in online environments. Brenta Blevins, “Preparing for Current and Future Composing with Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality” Brenta Blevins of the University of Mary Washington explored the benefits of embracing new media like augmented, mixed, and virtual reality in the composition classroom with the goals of preparing students to critically encounter and compose these texts in the future. Blevins was clear that…

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