Author: Tiffany Chan

Tiffany Chan and Victoria Murawski are Research Asisstants at the Maker Lab in the Humanities (University of Victoria). Tiffany Chan is a M.A. student studying English literature and digital humanities. Victoria Murawski is finishing her M.F.A. in Visual Arts.

By: Tiffany Chan, Victoria Murawski, and Jentery Sayers In our lab at the University of Victoria, we are currently remaking a reading optophone: an aid for the blind that converted text into sound during the twentieth century. Although the reading optophone never existed in a stable or fixed form, a common configuration involved operators placing books and other print materials on glass. They then used a handle to move a reading head located below the glass, sliding it back and forth to scan pages. As pages were scanned, the machine would express type as a series of audible tones. To…

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