Author: Tim Lockridge

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Tim Lockridge is an Assistant Professor of English at Miami University (Ohio) and a senior editor of Computers and Composition Digital Press.

Cynthia L. Selfe Gail E. Hawisher Patrick W. Berry Timothy Lockridge Melanie Yergeau Using Computers and Composition Digital Press as a case study, we describe the challenges (and rewards) of digital publishing. It’s hard to believe that CCDP is nearly ten years old now. The six challenges below encapsulate what the press has accomplished and point toward the work that remains. Challenge #1:  Defining the Mission and Niche of Computers and Composition Digital Press In the context of 2007, when Computers and Composition Digital Press (CCDP) was founded by Gail E. Hawisher and Cynthia L. Selfe, with the able advice and…

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A potential synergy arises from the confluence of multi- (or trans-) modality, and trans- (or multi-) linguality. These areas of concern have emerged contemporaneously—at least within the context of modern composition studies—partially, in response to changes in the means and identities of people in communication practices worldwide. In important ways, these changes challenge compositionists to rethink what composition entails. However, despite the common points of origination, discussions of modality have remained largely separate from discussions of translinguality, to the impoverishment of both. We find this situation to be most interesting and worthy of exploration. In our preliminary observations—which will be…

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