Join the blog carnival: “What does digital rhetoric mean to me?”


The Sweetand Digital Rhetoric Collaborative is pleased to announce our inaugural blog carnival on the topic “What does digital rhetoric mean to me?”  Be a participant and take part in continuing to define this field.  Offer your perspective on how writing is and is not transformed in digital environments, what rhetoric means in this realm, and what the future of digital rhetoric may hold.

Doug Eyman gets our carnival rolling with his serious and playful reflection “On Digital Rhetoric”:

I’ll end with a question or two: how do you define digital rhetoric? What examples would you point to to explain it to folks in other fields? This is the place to ask and answer those questions.

There are many ways to add your voice to the conversation:

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  • Take up the topic “What does digital rhetoric mean to me?” on your own blog, link to the DRC website, and use the #SweetlandDRC hashtag and the #DRCBlogCarnival hashtag
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  1. We could quite simply suffice digital rhetoric with a definition of “digital communication,” but that’s rather inchoate as the definition does not account for the robust networked nodes of human interaction and collaboration with data stored in machines. Digital rhetoric not only revives the canon of memory with content of the alphabetic, visual, and aural, but it also displaces memory with the uploading and saving of data for memory storage, downloading, consumption, and collaboration. Viewing digital rhetoric as posthumanist means seeing a collaborative exchange of data between humans and machines to further an epistemic of relation and understanding.

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