Calling for Your Submission to the DRC Book Prize!

by Naomi Silver September 26, 2014 Announcements

We are pleased to announce the third call for submissions for the UM Press/Sweetland Publication Prize in Digital Rhetoric.  The prize, which is funded by the Sweetland Center for Writing, is awarded annually to an innovative and important book-length project that displays critical and rigorous engagement in the field of digital rhetoric. 

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Tool Review Tuesday: WordPress as Learning Management System (LMS)

by Matthew Vetter November 25, 2014 Tool Reviews
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.06.56 AM

I have a confession to make. I haven’t used Blackboard, the preferred/subscribed Learning Management System (LMS) at my institution (Ohio University) for the past four years. I’ve gotten complaints about this from students. But the truth is, I really don’t like working with it.

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The Lure of Translanguaging

by Alanna Frost November 24, 2014 Blog Carnivals

Translingual activism for a language always in translation such as English presents many challenges but also many possibilities for the English language teacher. -Alastair Pennycook
The lure of what Pennycook calls “translingual activism,” and I will here call translanguaging-as-pedagogical-philosophy  (reserving the right to change my mind later) began, for me, with Min Zhan Lu’s call for “responsible and responsive” teachers of English and has since been fed by work in our own field and in applied linguistics/sociolinguistics fields (Horner, Lu, Matsuda, Canagarajah, Jordan, Tardy, Lorimer, Pennycook, Cenoz and Gortimer).

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Chinese Zombies in the American English Composition Classroom

by Charles Grimm November 20, 2014 Blog Carnivals
Wang's Opening Slide

After I graduated with a BA in English in 2005, I decided to take one year “off” to be an English teacher in China. That one year off stretched into four years, and over that time I developed a fascination with the hybrid forms of Chinese and English expressions, frequently referred to as Chinglish.

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Wiki Wednesday: DRC Wiki Entry Spotlight

by Brenta Blevins November 19, 2014 DRC Wiki
DRC Wiki Main Page

Writing beyond the Classroom Context
Welcome back to Wiki Wednesday! Last week, we posted a DRC Wiki Call for Participation to Instructors, Students, and Scholars. This week, we want to spotlight a graduate student’s contribution, made re-using a class project.

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Webtext of the Month: “Let Me Queer My Throat”

by Matthew Vetter November 18, 2014 Webtext-of-the-Month
"Marriage is Dumb." Ugly Baby and LaRu. Seattle, WA. 2013. Postcard.

Text: “Let Me Queer My Throat: Queer Rhetorics of Negotiation: Marriage Equality and Homonormativity”
Author: Hillery Glasby
Publisher: Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persusasion
Publication Date: April 16, 2014, (No. 11)

A common critique of (digital) multimodal scholarship revolves around the recognition that many of the webtexts published in online journals, rather than exploring the ways that diverse media allow for alternative knowledge-making practices, do little more than remediate traditional print epistemologies.

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