Calling for Your Submission to the DRC Book Prize!

by Naomi Silver September 26, 2014 Announcements

We are pleased to announce the third call for submissions for the UM Press/Sweetland Publication Prize in Digital Rhetoric.  The prize, which is funded by the Sweetland Center for Writing, is awarded annually to an innovative and important book-length project that displays critical and rigorous engagement in the field of digital rhetoric. 

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An Inside Look at Kairos’ PraxisWiki: A Conversation with Dundee Lackey

by Matthew Vetter October 22, 2014 DRC Grad Fellows

For this week’s Wiki Wednesday, and in celebration of Open-Access Week, we’re shining a much deserved spotlight on Dr. Dundee Lackey and her work as section editor of Kairos’ PraxisWiki, a digital “repository of useful and provocative information and ideas for scholars and teachers at the intersections of rhetoric and technology.” Dr.

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The Difference is in the Design: How Untranslatable Words Challenge Technology and Pedagogy

by Rebecca Zantjer October 21, 2014 Uncategorized

When people talk about translation, they are usually thinking about the process of taking a word from one language and pairing it with a corresponding word in another language. In this model, translation becomes an act of substitution, with the goal being an accurate one-to-one replacement of words in the first language with words in the second language.

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#WriteMyCommunity: NDoW Showcase and Interview with Kathleen Yancey

by Heather Lang October 20, 2014 Conversations

This year’s National Day on Writing is themed “Write My Community,” a celebration of the ways in which writing helps us form, maintain, and support a variety of communities. As the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative fellows discussed how we might best celebrate the NDoW on our blog, we decided we wanted to explore the effects that digital rhetoric and composition have had on the NDoW.

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Reclaiming my Language: The (Mis)education of Wonderful

by Wonderful Faison October 16, 2014 Blog Carnivals
Wonderful in graduate school

When I decided, in high school, that I wanted to become an English teacher, I assumed English was about grammar. Particularly, I assumed English was about the use of proper grammar in writing. Of course, I did not want to be an English teacher because I was a Grammar Rant; I wanted to become an English teacher because I wanted, I needed African Americans to “write better.”
I saw the struggles of my African American peers, and the lack of motivation they had for writing.

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Wiki Wednesday: Using a Collaborative Classroom Wiki for Exam Study

by Brenta Blevins October 15, 2014 Digital Lessons

Welcome to another Wiki Wednesday! We’ve been talking recently about public wikis, such as the DRC Wiki, Wikipedia, and other wikis on the web. This week for Wiki Wednesday, we’re talking about a different site for teaching with wikis: a classroom-based site.

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