Thinking About Connections: Portfolios, Research, and the Digital

by drelizabethdavis August 19, 2014 Hack & Yack
Elizabeth Davis

Welcome to the DRC’s latest Hack and Yack Series. Over the next two weeks, Dr. Elizabeth Davis will share her thoughts, theories, classroom practices, and research that begin with eportfolios and extend into a new model for digital research and publication.  

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Connections and Collaboration

by Laura Gonzales August 18, 2014 DRC Grad Fellows
DRC Fellows' Network Diagram created by fellow Liz Homan for our 2014 C&W Presentation

When people ask me what I do as a DRC fellow, I often describe myself as a bridge between different conversations and communities related to digital rhetoric. That is, I view the DRC site as a space where teachers and researchers from different areas come together to share ideas and resources.

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Reflecting on a Year of Community

by Brenta Blevins August 11, 2014 DRC Grad Fellows

Community. As I reflect back across my first year working with the Digital Rhetoric Collaborative, the element that stands out most is not any one particular insight into digital rhetoric, technology, new media, or the ways we teach, research, and write about those—although I certainly learned and worked with exciting new developments within each of those areas.

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Looking Back on My Year as a DRC Fellow

by Lindsey Harding July 28, 2014 DRC Grad Fellows

By Lindsey Harding

As a DRC Fellow this past year,  I had the chance to do a lot:
I discovered a community of scholars interested in teaching, technology, and writing–three of my favorite things!
I met people (like The New York Times writer John Branch and teacher-scholars Troy Hicks and Bob Cummings) and learned more about what my friends and mentors (Paulina Bounds and Elizabeth Davis) are up to in their pedagogical projects.

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Kimberly Christen Withey’s “Centers and Margins: Access and the Ethics of Openness in the Digital Humanities” ~kn2

by beccatarsa July 22, 2014 2014 C&W Reviews

Kimberly Christen Withey opened her keynote address, “Centers and Margins: Access and the Ethics of Openness in the Digital Humanities,” by asking us to reflect on “the “cultural logics of digital technologies, and out interactions with these tools” – specifically those of search engines.

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