By Way of Introduction: Matt Vetter

by mvetter September 15, 2014 DRC Grad Fellows

What’s in a wiki? Wikis are the epitome of Web 2.0. They’re interactive, generative, collaborative spaces of commons-based peer production that are heterarchical rather than hierarchical. They disperse the means and process of meaning production across multiple contributors. The wiki represents a stark departure from textual/digital plat/forms in which readers are “limited to passive viewing of content” (“Web 2.0”).

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Webtext of the Month: “Makers and Makerspaces: Teaching Composition in a Creative Economy”

by Heather Lang September 12, 2014 Resources
Jacob's Notes

Text:Makers and Makerspaces: Teaching Composition in a Creative Economy”
Author: Jacob Craig
Publisher: Pearson Higher Education 
Publication Date: August 2014

This month, the DRC fellows are interested in talking about multimodality. We’ve gotten the ball rolling on this conversation by issuing a Call for Blog Carnival Proposals titled “Beyond a ‘Single Language/Single Modality’ Approach to Writing.”  To supplement the theme, and for my first official post on behalf of the DRC fellows, I’ve selected this month’s featured webtext, “Makers and Makerspaces” to provide another port of entry for the conversation.

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By Way of Introduction: Heather Lang

by Heather Lang September 10, 2014 DRC Grad Fellows
Exhibit B: Embarrassing fan art I made recently.

Exhibit A: Embarrassing fan art I made when I was 13.

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of the web to connect: things, ideas, words, people. I barely remember a time without the internet, and certainly don’t remember a world with computers.

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“Writer/Designer: Making Multimodal Projects in Your Classes” ~J1

by aschia September 5, 2014 2014 C&W Reviews

Reviewed by Aubrey Schiavone
Cheryl Ball, West Virginia University
Kristin Arola, Washington State University
Jennifer Sheppard, New Mexico State University
In this session panelists described the origins, content, and potential uses of their newly published textbook for multimodal composition Writer/Designer.

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Call for Blog Carnival Contributions: Beyond a “Single Language/Single Modality” Approach to Writing

by Laura Gonzales September 2, 2014 Announcements

Recently, scholars in rhetoric and composition and digital rhetoric have been paying increased attention to the connections between multilingualism and multimodality. For example, at the 2014 Conference of College Composition and Communication, Min-Zhan Lu, Anis Bawarshi, Nancy Bou Ayash, Juan Guerra, Bruce Horner, and Cynthia Selfe situated the future of writing instruction in translingual, multimodal practices and pedagogies.

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