Revisit Last Night’s #DRCchat


(As of 2/2/2018 this post has been archived from Storify and shared below)

Our second Twitter #DRCchat was everything you could want in a Twitter chat! Plenty of great discussion from a number of different perspectives on all things teaching online. Moderators @linzharding and @rhetgrrrl kept the conversation lively with a number of terrific questions. You can revisit last night's chat in a "storified" round-up of questions and responses, below. I couldn't squeeze everything in there, though, so check out the #DRCchat hashtag if you want to see all the posts. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event. I think we all learned a lot.


  • Matthew Vetter

    VIsiting Assistant Professor of English at Ohio University Zanesville, Matthew Vetter earned his PhD from Ohio University in 2015, where he previously served as Assistant Director of Composition. His research and professional interests include digital rhetoric and humanities, writing program administration, and composition pedagogy. Vetter is a former Digital Rhetoric Collaborative Graduate Fellow and current editor of PraxisWiki, a section of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Check out his portfolio at

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